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All new power and flexibility to deploy on the public cloud for digital health companies with fully-managed built-in privacy compliance.


Integrate Privacy and Compliance Solutions


Real-time manageable and editable cloud hosting with Docker Swarm

Pre-written privacy policies, audit log visualization, and real-time monitoring

Support for privacy rules on all Azure data centres in the U.S. and Canada

MedStack Control provides a transparent, reliable, and speedy platform for your healthcare application infrastructure. 

MedStack Control uses a secure Docker Swarm platform for healthcare privacy and security compliance, supporting environments configured to set up any Docker image.

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Robust DevOps Platform

MedStack Control is an all-new automated deployment and real-time infrastructure management system based on MedStack's proven healthcare app compliance framework

Beautifully designed interface

Definable Docker Swarm containers and support for any packaged service or application in a Docker container

Automatic billing based on hourly usage

Redesigned and feature-enhanced Active Monitoring solution

Managed database VMs and other services

Hierarchical permissions-based admin user management

The power is in YOUR hands

Get your innovation to market faster

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Built-in user permission-controlled views and 2FA management 

Visual interface for real-time infrastructure management, activity tracking, and support

Automatically integrated security frameworks with privacy compliance

Console-integrated MedStack Active Monitoring and audit logging tools

Install security configurations and controls such as HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance required to manage data in the cloud to the highest standards